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1 in 3 families can not afford to enroll their children to play in organized sports. We are determined to find a way to help these families. Using our retail business as a means of sustainable giving, we changed our model into one that gives forward. Our giving model is funded by every product we sell and through the gear items donated at Sportwheels Sports Excellence.




There are many ways our program is fueled, our primary funding comes from everyday sales at our retail store and online platform A portion of profit from every product sold is pooled to help our non-profit partners with registration and equipment costs for nominated families year round.

Each year we run a bicycle drive where we receive donated bicycles from the community. We supply the labour, parts and space required to ensure their safe operation. Once repaired we turn them over to our partners at The Salvation Army, who then provides them directly to nominated families across the province.

Our retail store provides a gear donation bin year round, to help our partners collect gear and financial assistance for those in need. Any items you choose to donate may go directly to a child in need, or be sold to provide registration funds through our Giving Forward Program. Not all items donated meet the needs of our partners at the time of its donation, some items may be tagged and re-sold to assist in providing funding with enrollment and equipment costs for nominated families that need it most. Your donated items may also be swapped with an item from our existing inventory to meet the sizing needs of a nominated child.

Working together with our Giving Partners these programs help over 150 children each year participate in recreational sports. We are a for-profit company, operating as a social enterprise, Giving Forward Together. Visit


The families we help are chosen from the families you know. Check out our Giving Partners that make this mission possible.

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